Monday, 18 February 2013

Alia Choses Karan Over Deepika

Alia choses Karan over Deepika...

In one of the recent Award functions, both one of the Hot actress in B - Town Deepika Padukone and new comer, Aliya Bhatt happened to meet each other and were involved in a animated conversation. Deepika ended up talking about everything, right from how to maintain looks to what diet to follow to beauty and acting tips to Aaliya. But Aaliya seems to distracted with the conversation. When Karan Johar joined these two ladies, Aaliya chose to hear Karan with more attention that with Deepika.

So, this what means how karan has trained his ‘Student of the year’s heroine to listen only him.
Hope Deepika got this point right and the actress chose to not to involve in giving any free advice, here after.

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