Friday, 29 March 2013

HIMMATWALA Releases Today!


HIMMATWALA  releases today!

The film "HIMMATWALA" which releases today features Ajay Devgn and southern actress Tamannaah Bhatia, who makes her Bollywood debut. According to what reports say, Sajid Khan has modified the original script to suit the sensibilities of the audiences of today and it genuinely happens to be a remake of the 1983 hit film Himmatwala.

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Sajid has completely rewritten the script...

According to Tamannaah Bhatia, the film might come with the tag of a remake, but when we see the film, we will notice that Sajid has completely rewritten the script. Except for a few things that have been taken from the original, the way characters are drawn with is completely different.


Absolute interestingly, Director Sajid Khan, who has earlier given hits like Heyy Babyy and Housefull, is confident that the movie will be a success and he knew his film will be a hit when he started writing it which is his review.  Sajid expresses that he don't even want a half-star review for Himmatwala and that he will not even read one review while he continued saying that he don't hate critics, but he feel that 90 percent of them don't love cinema as they are actually doing a job.

Moreover, actress Sonakshi Sinha will be seen doing the moonwalk in a peppy dance number titled Thank God It's Friday, in the film where she wears a retroactive look in the song inspired from Parveen Babi's look in Shaan and Sridevi from Chaalbaaz.

Other major highlights...

Ajay Devgn's grand entry, the newly created song Naino Mein Sapna which was a superhit in the original Himmatwala, and the song Dhoka Dhoka which according to reports has five item girls performing.

As a concluding fact, the film should be able to give the maximum entertainment to audience as promised by director Sajid Khan and rest all await and see!

Enjoy watching the Himmatwala movie!

Don’t forget, it releases today, book it now!
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Monday, 25 March 2013

Ranis Gain Being A Part Of YRFs Family

Rani's gain, being a part of YRF's family...

Of course, Rani Mukherjee and Aditya Chopra has not announced when will they finally tie a knot, but both are even in a live - in relationship from past two years, with the acceptance from both the families, according to some sources.

Now, this news gets a turn ahead, with Rani recommending her friends to be a part of YRF’s productions. First it was her ‘Aiyya’ co – star Malayalam Actor Prithvi Raj, who bagged a role in YRF’s ‘Aurangzeb’ and now it seems Rani has been recommending the name of her very good friend, choreographer Vaibhavi Merchant to beau Aditya Chopra for Vaibhavi’s directorial venture.

Though Vaibhavi has worked with country’s one of the biggest production house, earlier, this will be a major turn for her career as if everything goes well, and she would make her directorial debut produced by YRF. On the other hand, right from heroes, heroines and directors, YRF is known to give a lift to the career of one and all talents in all departments, associated with cinema… will Vaibhavi being Rani’s close friend would prove to be her gain?

Bebos Step To Make Her Hair Stylist Happy

Bebo's step to make her hair stylist happy...

Just not the stars but their make-up artists, hair stylists and also the dress designers, fitness trainers are equally famous. Thanks to the stars that ensure special treatment to their staff…

Kareena’s hair stylist pompy was is news recently. According to the report there were some fans waited outside the vanity van of Kareena in a shooting location to just have a glimpse of their favorite star, for more than a day. Though Kareena did not step out of the Van as she is a private person and does not prefer entertaining those whom she does not know, it was her hair stylist pompy who noticed the fans, convinced Kareena to meet them and took them inside her vanity van and also having lunch with their favorite star.

According to the sources, Kareena was not comfortable with all these initially, but it was her respect towards pompy she ended up spending time with her fans and also ordered a lavish lunch for all of them…

So, it’s not just stars, but also their staff who are equally popular.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Multifaceted Farhan Is A True Rockstar

Multifaceted Farhan is a true rockstar!

Multifaceted Farhan is a true rockstar!

Farhan Akhtar as a Rockstar!

In fact, the actor-director is now concentrating on a musical career while he has also spent a record one-and-a-half years training to play Milkha Singh in his upcoming film Bhaag Milkha Bhaag.

The musical journey which is known to have started started with Rock On!! and continued in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is taking Farhan Akhtar on a completely different track. After having sung altogether eight songs in the two films, he’s now onto what looks like a serious musical career.

Moreover, Farhan spoke in Bangalore recently while in a rock concert for college students Karbonn Colossus 2013 organised by Presidency College about forming his own band Farhan Live over two months ago,, and that “After Rock On he wanted to further explore the musical side of things and they felt the time was right, young people in colleges listen to very different kinds of music while he was speaking about his decision.

Farhan and his interest in music

Rejecting the idea that his interest in music is a recent phenomenon, Farhan said that he have been interested in music as far as he can remember. In fact a teacher came home and taught singing and playing the harmonium when they were kids. But he was more of a Beatles person. By the time he was 17 or 18, he seriously started playing the guitar and that he taught himself to play it. But as a fact Rock On!! gave him a valid reason to take his music seriously and it seems all that crowded is coming to good use now.

Multifaceted Farhan

Farhan is one of those rare species in Bollywood who is multifaceted enough to be a director, actor, producer, scriptwriter, playback singer, lyricist even if it sounds that he is taking on too much.

Perhaps he feels as he says that he don’t know how is it a limitation, and that how can people put a limit on themselves?
Starting out his journey in the Hindi film industry as an assistant director on Lamhe, Farhan turned director with the coming-of-age film Dil Chahta Hai. The film re-set the course of Hindi films in 2001 and it was his first independent directorial venture and from his own production house while he was 27.

The great Javed  Akhtar is his father..

The great Javed Akhtar screenwriter and lyricst Javed Akhtar is his father, he says that he is 50 per cent of his genes while he laughs and continues saying his father being a prolific writer,  was always supportive and never overbearing and always gave him and his sister (filmmaker Zoya Akhtar) the courage to go out and try things without wondering if it’ll work.” In fact, brother and sister was also seen to have worked together on Luck By Chance and ZNMD.

After steering the rather-successful Don 2 last year, a sequel to the remake of the immensely popular Don, Farhan took up a rather challenging project. He is pushing the envelope with his next release, the much talked-about Bhaag Milkha Bhaag which happens to be a biographical movie of the athlete Milkha Singh known as The Flying Sikh, which will release this July.


The Journey continues...

Farhan has been in rigorous training to look the part of the man who clocked 45.60 seconds in the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome. It’s rather unheard of in Bollywood that an actor dedicates that kind of time for one film.

He says, that he has actually worked on the film for over one-and-a-half years and that’s what the film required for him to do justice to it. He added,  he was committed to do it, if that’s what it takes.

Farhan calls it an “intense experience” and says it’s difficult to put in a few words the kind of preparation he’s been doing but as a fact what he did helped him push himself to recreate a legend like Milkhaji and it’s extremely satisfying.

Moreover, Milkha Singh also gifted Farhan his Olympic shoes which according to Farhan is  most-prized possession. It’s what he wore and ran in the 1960 Olympics and was restored by the shoe-maker and that he gifted it to him as a good-luck mascot.

Coming back to Farhan's music, he says the band is currently performing previously written material and they are in talks for collaborations, then hope to work with a music producer to put out original work and do collabs as well.

Farhan says that he would like to explore the electronic music side, and hope to work with the brilliant Shankar Mahadevan, Karsh Kale, Medieval Punditz while he says it’s a good time, when others want to know about Indian music.

They are also meeting with Deep Purple on March 14 in Nepal, and they will decide what they are doing. He continues saying that it’s an amazing thought just to share stage with them  and he have been to two of their concerts in India and they are planning to do about two songs together now. In fact, that the band is also working on incorporating technology and live-tweeting their concerts.


There could be no doubt that “Bhaag Milkha Bhaag” would be an absolute power-packed entertainment for us. The count down starts now!

Note: Adaptation from an online sources.

(AW:Samrat Biswas)

Monday, 18 March 2013

Kajols Attempt To Look A Chic

Kajol's attempt to look a Chic...

And this is very much appreciated. The actress, who is the mother of two, is back in shape and these days making an attempt to look young and glamorous... in the recent public events, the actress styling and dressing is very much appreciated.

But, all these are to get back to B – Town??? If yes, Kajol has no fewer offers because of her talent and every film maker and a star hero willing to work with this actress.

Looks like Kajol wants more than a heroine ka role… according to our sources, kajol has been saying she is ready to do an item number as well. Is Ajay hearing this???

Or it is because of the constant link ups of her Hubby with the rest all co – actress, Kajol has decided to look a chic, proving she is no less than any young heroine???

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Sherlyn Chopra Overshadows

Sherlyn Chopra overshadows Sunny Leone, Poonam Pandey 

Sherlyn Chopra overshadows Sunny Leone, Poonam Pandey

Sunny Leone, Poonam Pandey and Sherlyn Chopra- the three stars are always in news bringing three cheers to all those who wish to enjoy seeing beefy bodies. It certainly looks like there's a tough competition between the trio in exposing the little extra skin that's not seen by average people here in the country. To Sunny Leone, wrapping up herself in sari and seeing herself in clothes on big screen might be a more exciting thing as she comes from the world of porn. However, she tried her best to bring gasp. 

Although she had nothing-that people expected to show on big screen-much before the release of Jism 2, she appeared on cover page of some desi magazines and made youth go gaga. Apparently, it looks like she wants to show something that people expected from her first feature film at least in the next film. However, it was reported that not many offers are in the pipeline of Sunny Leone.


On the other hand Poonam Pandey-who entered in to headlines and even in limelight-by promising to go nude for Team India later refrained herself from that sleazy act after several apparent warnings from moral policing. Nonetheless, she kept on posting her some extremely tempting photographs to her twitter profile. She's also pulled up her socks for her upcoming film Nasha. It was said that there's a bedroom scene in this film.


While Sunny Leone and Poonam Pandey are gearing up for the bold shows, Sherlyn Chopra (formerly Mona Chopra) overshadowed them by entering news with Kamasutra 3D. Whilst the title itself brings in romantic thoughts among road side romeos, the 3D tag attached to the title leaves any romantic person in wild imaginations.  



As a curtain raiser, Kamasutra 3D's official trailer was also released and it shows Sherly Chopra in some wild poses with utmost grace and without a top. After this video was out, it went viral on youtube and now it's the most happening one on internet.

Now that Sherlyn Chopra is coming out with extremely bold scenes, what Sunny Leone and Poonam Pandey will think to woo their fans has become a million dollar question.
(AW Phani)


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