Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Sherlyn Chopra Overshadows

Sherlyn Chopra overshadows Sunny Leone, Poonam Pandey 

Sherlyn Chopra overshadows Sunny Leone, Poonam Pandey

Sunny Leone, Poonam Pandey and Sherlyn Chopra- the three stars are always in news bringing three cheers to all those who wish to enjoy seeing beefy bodies. It certainly looks like there's a tough competition between the trio in exposing the little extra skin that's not seen by average people here in the country. To Sunny Leone, wrapping up herself in sari and seeing herself in clothes on big screen might be a more exciting thing as she comes from the world of porn. However, she tried her best to bring gasp. 

Although she had nothing-that people expected to show on big screen-much before the release of Jism 2, she appeared on cover page of some desi magazines and made youth go gaga. Apparently, it looks like she wants to show something that people expected from her first feature film at least in the next film. However, it was reported that not many offers are in the pipeline of Sunny Leone.


On the other hand Poonam Pandey-who entered in to headlines and even in limelight-by promising to go nude for Team India later refrained herself from that sleazy act after several apparent warnings from moral policing. Nonetheless, she kept on posting her some extremely tempting photographs to her twitter profile. She's also pulled up her socks for her upcoming film Nasha. It was said that there's a bedroom scene in this film.


While Sunny Leone and Poonam Pandey are gearing up for the bold shows, Sherlyn Chopra (formerly Mona Chopra) overshadowed them by entering news with Kamasutra 3D. Whilst the title itself brings in romantic thoughts among road side romeos, the 3D tag attached to the title leaves any romantic person in wild imaginations.  



As a curtain raiser, Kamasutra 3D's official trailer was also released and it shows Sherly Chopra in some wild poses with utmost grace and without a top. After this video was out, it went viral on youtube and now it's the most happening one on internet.

Now that Sherlyn Chopra is coming out with extremely bold scenes, what Sunny Leone and Poonam Pandey will think to woo their fans has become a million dollar question.
(AW Phani)


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