Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Chennai Express Movie Preview

Chennai Express Movie Preview

Deepika clears her tongue on Chennai Express

Deepika clears her tongue on Chennai Express

As Deepika Padukone's obnoxious sounding Tamil spritzed Hindi dialogues continues to draw flak from the critics, the actress vehemently contesting all claims asserts that the film or her character is no way a spoof.

Deepika, who hails from Bangalore, says she wouldn't pluck up on her own culture for nothing.

"I don't understand why people are jumping to conclusion without even seeing the film. We all are South Indians, Rohit is a South Indian and I think except for SRK most of the crew was from South. Why would we spoof our own culture? For years, our films have been based in Punjab but now few films have started setting their stories in South India. I think people are not yet used to it. It is a comedy and larger-than-life film so dialogues are meant to be funny," Deepika said during a promotional event of 'Chennai Express'.

Rohit Shetty's “Chennai Express” starring Shah Rukh Khan in the lead, features Deepika as a Tamil girl who falls in love with a North Indian .

"I could identify with my character. I think Indian girls are like that. They have a mind of their own but are close to their families. Even when we are travelling outside, we don't lose that quality and stand out in the crowd. We have a way of carrying ourselves with lot of dignity and respect," added Deepika who believed the role was tailor cut for her.

Fresh from the success of "Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani", the actress is looking forward to another hit in "Chennai Express" that releases this Friday, August 9.

AW: Suchorita Dutta

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