Wednesday, 30 October 2013

'Krrish 3' release comes to a stand!

'Krrish 3' release comes to a stand!

'Krrish 3' release comes to a stand!

The information has come on October 29th 2013, that Uday Singh Rajput a writer from Madhya Pradesh moved the Bombay High Court declaring guilty of copyright violation of the script of ‘Krrish 3’ . The writer at the same he wants to stay on the all India release of the film coming Friday. It would be unless he was given a compensation of Rs. 2Crore. 

 Furthermore, he filed a petition demanding as right that he had written the script titled 'Krrish-2' which was a sequel to Krrish part 1. On the contrary he was being refused the credit for writing the story. Rakesh Roshan, has also filed a warning in the High Court urging that no relief should be granted to Uday Singh Rajput unless he (Roshan) is heard in the matter.

The applications would be heard today by Justice S J Kathawala. The writer demanded as right that he registered his script titled Krrish-2 with the Film Writers Association on July 23, 2008. Subsequently, he met Roshan and gave him the script. 

Roshan promised to pay him if the script was used. On the contrary, as a substitute of paying him, Roshan used the same script to make a sequel to Krrish and gave the title as Krrish-3 instead of Krrish-2. The petitioner further declared guilty that Rakesh Roshan had advertised in electronic media that he himself was the story writer of ‘Krrish 3’, even though in front the court in his application Roshan has declared as fact that the story was written by Rubin Bhatt and the script was registered on March 3, 2011.

Now, we must await with eagerness to know when the superhero Krrish comes out of the issue.

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