Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Rivalry For Supremacy To Ram Leela

Rivalry For Supremacy To Ram Leela

Rivalry for supremacy to Ram Leela
It's been having an appearance appropriate to Ram Leela's tough contest along with Kangana Ranaut starrer Rajjo approaching November. In the time that it was all steady to enjoy a solo release on the 15th, we now hear that the Kangana Ranaut starrer Rajjo has been scheduled to release on that day as well.

In the film Rajjo, Kangana plays a Mujra-wali, although the director insists that it’s not a gloomily dark otherwise depressing film by any means. Nevertheless, the question remains as to whether it’ll provide rivalry for supremacy to Ram Leela, which is already exposed to be amongst the biggest films of this year.

Enjoy the trailer and let us know what your feel. 

Kangana expresses that Rajjo is undoubtedly close to her heart and she feels delighted that it is being released this festive season. Coming to the contesting part with other films, there would be one every week in any case. She is sure her producers are taking a good call and it comes from the trust and confidence they have in the product.

Kangana known to be particularly feeling extremely satisfied of the film and her work. The film is special and it will bring in an audience of it’s own. She strongly have confidence in the truth in director Vishwas Patil and music director Uttam Singh. Wait a little until you experience the promos, which would release very soon. Then perhaps you would be more clear.

Kangana Ranaut starrer Rajjo pictorial experience 


Let us know what's in your mind. Which film will be your first preference during November 15th?
Hmmmm, I know you are thinking, keep going, but let us know!


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