Saturday, 21 September 2013

Jab Kareena Met Saif Sparks Didn't Fly

Jab Kareena Met Saif Sparks Didn't Fly

Jab Kareena met Saif, sparks didn't fly

Kareena Kapoor celebrates her birthday today. Though she turns 33, she had gone through so many reinventions that she is still as good as new. Marriage has not even scratched the surface of her iconic status in Bollywood. One of the reigning divas in the Indian film industry, Kareena Kapoor Khan will forever stay young in her husband's eyes.

Well, he is many years her senior. She is automatically quite young compared to him. Their journey towards love did not start off with sparks. The duo had worked together for a couple of films before the attraction set in. Kareena dated Shahid and Saif was into a foreigner.

It was during a photoshoot by Dabboo Ratnani that the sparks flew. The photographer is well known for his sensuous shoots, and that's what the couple took to see what they were missing all this while. Rest, as they say, went down in history when Kareena married Saif and still did not convert to Islam.

Her and Saif's story is inspirational in itself, nevermind the filmy angle. The couple have said no to kissing other actors on screen and will soon be seen sharing screen space once again for Happy Ending. It is just a cameo role for the light eyed actress, but it gives her a chance to explore her onscreen chemistry with Saif once again.

Kareena and ex-flame Shahid have also buried their break-up issues and agreed separately to act with the other if the opportunity arises. That's one golden point for the actress, who showed that she can do anything if she sets her mind to it. Happy Birthday Kareena!

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