Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Oscars Prestige To Be Bestowed

Oscars Prestige To Be Bestowed

Oscars Prestige to be bestowed
The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences brought into prominence that the Oscars season commenced on Thursday. It also mentioned about such as actors Angelina Jolie, Angela Lansbury, Steve Martin and Italian costume designer Piero Tosi were the first to receive honorary Governors Awards.

To emphasize, the Governors Awards are an Oscar statuettes bestowed to those in film that have made outstanding contributions to the industry through their display of work. They will be bestowed at a ceremony in Hollywood during Nov 16.

Watch the four genius here:


The interesting news got into prominence that Jolie who is 38, happens to be the youngest of the four recipients, as well as being honored for her career, including her Oscar-winning role in 1999's Girl, Interrupted, her directorial debut accompanying 2011's In The Land Of Blood and Honey, along with her humanitarian work. On the other hand, comedic actor as well as three-time Oscar host Martin, 68, has a long-standing career playing amusingly clever otherwise dull characters in comedy films such as 1979's The Jerk, The Pink Panther series and also 2005's Shopgirl.

Congratulations to the winners!

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