Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Prominent Memorabilia Gets Captivated £550,000

Prominent Memorabilia Gets Captivated £550,000
Prominent memorabilia gets captivated £550,000

The prominent symbol of impression, the iconic submarine car driven by James Bond in the 1977 classic “The Spy Who Loved Me” captivated £550,000  when it was floated at auction for the first time in London during Monday. Accompanied by an intense bidding battle, The Lotus Esprit was finally sold to a telephone bidder at RM Auctions in Battersea located at south London.

Going back to the film the car was made for the scene in which Bond which was played by Roger Moore, escapes the gunfire from an overhead helicopter by thrusting forcibly into the water, accompanied by a nervous Barbara Bach in the passenger seat. Peter Haynes of RM Auctions Europe expresses that they are delighted with that price which is a great amount of money taking the piece of movie memorabilia into consideration. He was known to have added having it as an demeanor in mind it is not a car that can be driven on the road, the price just goes to justify the draw that all Bond-related memorabilia has.

That's certainly true that the iconic submarine car driven by James Bond can't be the car to be driven on the road, at least by seeing it's price tag. It would ideally remain as a memorabilia than running on the road.

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