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Filmistaan Reveals Cnematic brilliance!

Filmistaan Reveals Cnematic brilliance!

Filmistaan reveals cinematic brilliance!

Filmistaan, the movie has been honoured with multiple world-class awards such as screening at the Busan International Film Festival, the Mumbai Film Festival, and the International Film Festival of Kerala,where it won the The Silver Crow Pheasant Award for Best Debut Film in International Film Festival of Kerala, Best Feature Film in Hindi in the 60th National Film Awards 2012, screened at 24th Palm Springs International Film Festival, California. 23rd TROMSO International Film Festival, Norway. 36th Goteborg International Film Festival, Sweden. At the same time 5th Jaipur International Film Festival. The film finally comes on the screen during 6th June 2014.  

It's needless to say that Filmistaan concept and its picturesque need no explanation. Its simply a prominence of cinematic brilliance accompanying the extraordinary artists in the whole film team.

Filmmaker Nitin Kakkar's cinematic caliber is extremely commendable and could be a strong source of inspiration for film buffs and budding filmmakers and writers like me. There's lot to learn from the directors perspective in this film. I am not saying there were no other great films similar to this one, but one thing is for sure that this one is just beyond what is usual.











A bit on the film story...

Sunny (Sharib) happens to be a small time actor who is awaiting for a break with perfection. The film commences accompanying him doing the mimicry of popular Bollywood stars. Subsequent to much exhausting labour, Sunny lands up in a job for assistant director for a documentary that is being shot by an American media team for the money on the contrary life takes an extraordinary twist when he gets kidnapped by a group of Pakistani right winged terrorists.

Bewitched in Pakistan, the filmy buff discovers that the other side of the border is connected to each other by Bollywood. Even though the film is essentially about Sunny’s escape route back to his homeland, the film is a heart distressing strain story of India-Pakistan’s antagonism. Notwithstanding that the expression of great joy at India’s victory at a cricket match is looked displeased about, the distinguishing characteristic between the two countries remain just a matter of psychology!

Thank you Mr Kakkar for such a brilliant film!

Filmistaan Movie Review


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