Friday, 20 June 2014

Katrina ensures secret watch on Ranbir

Katrina ensures secret watch on Ranbir

Katrina ensures secret watch on Ranbir

British Indian film actress and model Katrina Kaif known to be watching her man Ranbir Kapoor with extreme closeness. And that's not just enough because she is as well hanging around the filming of scenes other than hers, to keep away from general inclination towards shopping and sightseeing that stars engage in when they're in a foreign land for shooting.
Presently, in the entire shooting schedule of the film we've been hearing this buzz about the lovers' misunderstanding yet this latest report makes us speculate curiously if Kat is keeping continuous track of her man so closely because she is feeling not self confident.    

This factor reminds us of the time when Ranbir was dating Deepika Padukone and she was a constant presence on the sets of Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahaani. According to report the film that got him ‘close’ to Katrina in the first place.

In addition, sources reported that Ranbir might be undergoing a feeling of disagreeable sameness due to the reason that when Deepika wasn’t feeling too certain of her guy, her keeping a watch on him hadn’t gone down well with Ranbir. Whatever may be the reality here, one thing is for sure that there's lack of genuineness and consistency in love and relationship.

Still, we wish the duo a great life ahead!


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