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Jennifer Lopez From Rags To Riches

Jennifer Lopez From Rags To Riches

Jennifer Lopez - from rags to riches

Singer and Actress Jennifer Lopez has opened up about how life had made her go from being poor to one of richest. She is currently worth about $250 million, but knows the value of this wealth all too well. In an interview with W magazine, Jennifer revealed that she had once been homeless as an 18 year old girl.


At that age, she had apparently fought with her mother for wanting to make show business her career. Her career choices earned her mother's wrath as she was forced to sleep at her dance studio on a couch. Determined to make her dreams a reality, Jennifer left her parents' house.


Jennifer's wish to discontinue college did not go down well with her parents. Turns out her decisions were right, as her talent took her high on the popularity charts. Over the next year, dancing had been her companion, with which she earned her bread, and later moved to Los Angeles and Hollywood. Jennifer also revealed that life in Hollywood was initially tough. For a girl from the Bronx in New York, Hollywood was a different ball game.

Though she finally adjusted to life in LA, she says the Bronx will remain the place where she derives her strength from. Now, at 43 years of age, she is a Grammy Award-winner and a mother to 5 year old twins Max and Emme. Jennifer Lopez is also a television producer and fashion designer.


Jennifer Lopez will always remain 'Jenny from the block' in her own words.

Picture Courtesy: Dailymail

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