Monday, 20 January 2014

Bong Bombshell Bips on Sallus Hit List

Bong Bombshell Bips on Sallus Hit List

Bong bombshell Bips on Sallus hit list
Bollywood superstar Salman Khan was known to be singing praises for the Bong bombshell at a recent award function.

Bipasha Basu recently launched her third fitness DVD, called Unleash. The shadowy siren has an very desirable figure and in succession to watching the promo of Unleash, we believe that to be much more. Bipasha is hot, she’s sexy and she’s a complete stunner! On the contrary we aren’t the only ones singing praises for Bips these days. She has discovered a new admirer in Salman Khan. While the Dabangg dude himself loves flaunting his abs and has a great physique, he couldn’t help yet keep praising Bips at the recent award function.

Bipasha Basu Unveils Unleash Fitness DVD !

At the same time that was not the end as the Jai Ho actor not only complimented her desirable figure but also was also heard talking about Bipasha’s workout routines and was encouraging people to buy her new fitness DVD, Unleash.

Well, accompanying so many praiseworthy words for Bipasha, we wonder if Sallu has anything left for Katrina Kaif. Does it mean that he finds Bips sexier than Kat?

Needn’t go so much into depth...


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