Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Salman Khan says Jai Ho Narendra Modi

Salman Khan says Jai Ho Narendra Modi

Salman Khan says Jai Ho Narendra Modi
Bollywood superstar Salman Khan expresses his support towards Narendra Modi during a press conference for world premiere of his latest movie “Jai Ho” during Wednesday at Meydan Hotel, Dubai.


During the time Salman was questioned by XPRESS at the premiere of the Sohail Khan-directed movie, Salman again defended right-wing Indian politician Narendra Modi who is running for the prime minister’s post. Salman when asked whether he felt he had disappointed his Muslim fans by flying kites accompanying Modi said he is the chief minister of a state. There is a judicial system (in place) that has cleared him (of any wrongdoing), then why should he apologize? he said when asked whether he felt he had disappointed his Muslim fans by flying kites with Modi. He recently attended a festival in Gujarat state where around 2,000 Muslims died in communal violence under Modi’s watch in 2002. In fact, Salman Khan, subsequent to appearing with Narendra Modi at a kite festival, has now reportedly said that the Gujarat Chief Minister need not apologize for the post-Godhra riots in Gujarat in 2002.


Salman expressed during an interview that since the judiciary has made Modi free from built or blame for his declared involvement in the riots, he should not say sorry for the communal violence. Nevertheless, Salman refused to approved Modi for the prime minister's post, saying he was not in a position yet to do the same. He added that he do not want his views to influence millions of his fans' judgement. He added that it was fun to fly kites with the Gujarat Chief Minister. Salman added that it may be noted that Modi has been nominated by the BJP as its PM candidate for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Commenting on the recent controversy over attending the Saifai Mahotsav in Uttar Pradesh, the Bollywood star said he should not be taught what his moral responsibility is.


Salman, son of a Muslim father and Hindu mother, has a massive fan following among millions of Muslims, a community angered by his public support for Modi. Muslims in India hold Modi responsible for the riots in his state in 2002. An Indian journalist based in Dubai said that Salman is not just an actor, he is a Muslim success story in a country where a large majority of Muslims are poor, backward and downtrodden. It was a surprise to see Salman’s brazen praise of the person most Muslims hate.


During Wednesday, calls grew in India to boycott his film in succession to praising Modi and saying he needn't apologize to Muslims, a long-pending demand of the community. In Hyderabad, Parliament member Asaduddin Owaisi drive with incitement to effort to  Muslims not to buy tickets to Jai Ho as a mark of protest. In Aligarh a youth group issued a call to boycott the film also starring newcomers Daisy Shah and Sana Khan. Modi, whom Muslims blame to be guilty of provoking and shielding rioters, was cleared of involvement in the violence by a special investigation team.


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