Thursday, 9 May 2013

Go Goa Gone And Gippi Releases Today

Go Goa Gone and Gippi releases


Go Goa Gone and Gippi releases today!

Arosuing a fact of interest, two comedy movies will clash at the box-office today. Go Goa Gone is a zombie comedy directed by filmmaker duo Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK, while Gippi is a comedy of errors from Karan Johar's Dharma Productions.

Going forward, Go Goa Gone features Saif Ali Khan who is also the producer, Kunal Khemu, Vir Das, Anand Tiwari and Puja Gupta in the lead. Three friends (Kunal, Vir and Anand) go for a trip to Goa where they met with Luna (Puja Gupta), a fun loving girl who invites them for an exclusive underground rave party on a remote island, hosted by Indo-Russian don, Boris (Saif). Their nightmare begins when zombies land crash the party.

Furthermore, it is known that the Directors Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK are also promoting 'Say no to drugs' message through the film. They disclosed that as the name suggests, the film is related to Goa but nothing depreciatory. The people in Mumbai and elsewhere have a perception about Goa that it is a place where people go to sit, relax, party, chill, but all in good sense. What happens there is their version of the story. On the contrary, there is a message at the end of the film - Say no to drugs. They expressed that if we do drugs then we will turn into a zombie.


Next on the release is Dharma Productions' Gippi which is directed by first-timer Sonam Nair. The film features newbies like Riya Vij, who plays the protagonist in the film, Jayati Modi and Taaha Shah while Divya Dutta plays Riya's mother in the film.

The film have been declared to revolve around a 13-year-old teenager, played by Riya, the ups and downs in her life and, how she manages with peer pressure and changes in her life. Divya Dutta says the movie will take audiences back to their childhood and everyone will feel that they have gone through this. Therefore, when we relate with any film or any promo, we definitely want to watch that film and that Gippi is one of those films and she think it will make its own mark beautifully.


Interestingly, the film's producer Karan Johar, who is launching director Sonam Nair with Gippi, feels that talent should not have a gender. While Karan Johar also added that Talent does not have a gender at all and it should not have a gender. Sonam Nair is a very talented young girl and it does not matter that she is a girl. As a special note, she is a very talented director.

That's 10th May 2013
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