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Ishq In Paris Preview

Ishq in Paris preview | Hindi Movie Ishkq In Paris Movie Review

Ishq in Paris preview!

Ishq in paris is one enamored story of two strangers who meet in Paris France. There is nothing that the title doesn't suggest and the real movie sticks to the title through the most part, commendably. The desi movie has its own videsi charms with Paris being the backdrop.

When you find two single strangers of the opposite sex, who are not willing for any commitments and yet want to enjoy the gifts and hedonism of youth, “Ishq in Paris” is what describes the rest of the story. The couple, for a night spend a night together, in the most enchanting and romantic way ever. No sexuality involved. The ones fearful of a commitment agree never to see each other again after this splendid night.

Naturally, you can expect such characters to be a male who is generally not very outward and the exact antithesis in females, a zingy beauty. Rehan Maliek, who plays Akaash, is perfect for the role with his sober-like lifestyle yet wouldn't pass away an opportunity for unbridled love. Preity Zinta has never played a role more apt to her liveliness than this one. Her animated vigor perfectly suits the character of Ishqk.

Preity Zinta perfectly fits into the life of Half-French Ishqk and bring out the desired nature in her. Ishqk is one girl who cannot trust relationships and is unwarrantedly wary of them at all times. The emotional her is sealed beneath the veneer of tacit and insouciant Ishqk that we see outwardly.

Paris undoubtedly is the perfect stage for this romance, not very indigenous to India. There is little scope for emotion in Preity's character but the subtle shades in her character are very distinct to the trained eye.

Rehan should be Preity's soul mate for he cannot act so much in sync with a big actress like Preity otherwise. There might be this feeling of a one night love all through out the movie but you will be forced to believe that they are the perfect couple and everyone in the theater would like to see them get married by the end of the movie.

The movie has its own slow pace which is pleasant and not tiring as expected to watch. Camerawork has to be given credit for trying to avoid all the touristic air in Paris and take it merely as a romantic setting. The scene where Akaash shows Ishqk the Eiffel Tower coming to life with the lights being turned on will become your benchmark for your love proposal.ll the lights coming alive in the Eiffel Tower stays with you. If only love could be captured and frozen in its most majestic manifestations!

Interestingly the narration is fashioned like a fable with the legendary French actress Isabelle Adjani telling us about Ishkq's brief encounter with Akaash and its aftermath without letting us in to her own role in the romance. It's a cute little secret kept away from us for a while in a film where the main protagonists play out their emotions in full view and with disarming transparency.

This is Preity's grand comeback. A movie that can make you feel the butterflies in your stomach and one that doesn't overdo love like the current trend of movies.

(AW- Anil)

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