Thursday, 6 June 2013

Michael Jacksons Daughter Paris Jackson Suicide Attempt

Michael Jacksons Daughter Suicide Attempt

Michael Jackson’s daughter suicide attempt

15 year old Paris Jackson, daughter of the king of the pop music Michael Jackson tried yester day to commit suicide.
Paris is undergoing treatment in the hospital and her condition is reported as good and progressing.  Some of the close persons to the family are getting surprised for her admission in the hospital as it was a sudden development without any hint.  Some say that there was a drug overdose probably.  But, website news covering this incident says that multiple cuts were found on her wrist.  

She is the second of the children among Prince, Paris and Blanket of Michael Jackson who died in 2009 leaving millions of his fans in grief all over the world.

Paris Jackson reportedly called a suicide counseling service on 911 yesterday from her home at Calabasas in California before taking to the ultimate step of committing suicide.  She also tweeted on Tuesday in a depressive manner that was read by her twitter followers, number of whom is running over a million.


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