Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Salman Khan VS Sunny Leone

Salman Khan VS Sunny Leone

Salman Khan who is the most top most actor on bollywood is now compared with Sunny Leone the sexy Lady

Salman Khan - Most Oged One                         Sunny Leone - Most Gooled one

Salman Khan - Women force themselves            Sunny Leon - Endorses Manforce!!
on him

Salman Khan - Went to US for Treatment           Sunny Leon - Came from US fro treatment

Salman Khan - Every one calls him BHAI           Sunny Leon - No one wants to call her BHEN

Salman Khan - Goes topless in Climax                Sunny Leon - Goes topless much before Climax

May be it is worst comparision, but its just an Entertainment Please don't take a turn to negative town.

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