Monday, 3 June 2013

Nargis Fakhri Contributes Health Tips To Her Fans

Nargis Fakhri Contributes Health Tips To Her Fans

Nargis Fakhri contributes health tips to her fans!

Nargis Fakhri brings into prominence about the secret of her sexy physique. Beautiful Nargis has been known to have started contributing fitness tips to her fans on Twitter while she has initiated having a new practice of ‘Feel Good Fridays’ where she offers fitness advice as well as contributes information on healthy foods as well as fitness mode.

Nargis expresses that a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be restricted merely on working out as well looking good. On the contrary, due importance has to be given to the aspect of living with positive mental perspective, accompanied with healthy food choices as well as participating in activities that gives us joy. Nargis Fakhri Contributes Health Tips To Her Fans

Nargis furthered expressing that our body is our temple, which she brought in the fact that one must love ourselves at the same time deal with our body with love as well respect.

She recently experienced a fan asking her to talk to her class about eating healthy.          
Due to the fact that Nargis was shooting, which deliberately made her call her team for recording a special message in the form of a video for the class at the same time sent it to the fan, accompanying with her favourite health food options making it wonderful delight for all!

The tweets says that she emphasized on having early dinner at the same time get to bed early having a sleep of 8hrs a night as it seems to be good for the body uplifts. Then she stressed on  rice milk or almond milk as a substitute of dairy products as well as soy.

Nargis says that any cut fruit such as cucumber along with mint could be a healthy replacement to soda or other sugar filled juices. She also asked to relax for 30 min subsequently going for a nearly 45 walk on the treadmill while also remember that alcohol would genuinely be ruining our sleep.

Thanks Nargis!

(AW:Samrat Biswas)

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