Thursday, 13 June 2013

Truism Gets Justified

Truism Gets Justified

Truism gets justified!

The actuality have been brought into prominence by two Bollywood families desperately broken their muteness over the suicide of young actress Jiah Khan subsequent to police seized  Suraj Pancholi over imputation of guilt that his manner of behaving had deliberately forced her to commit suicide last week. Truism Gets Justified

Pancholi was seized on Monday after Khan's mother, the 1980s actress Rabia Khan, made public a six-page letter exposed to sight as written by the 25-year-old actress in precedence of  hanging herself on June 3. She was known to have called Pancholi for her last time.

The letter which was exposed with prominence throughout as well published in the Indian media, mentioned that the British-educated Jiah expresses of being physically and emotionally tortured.  She also have been violently forced to get an abortion against her will.

Due to the fact that Khan visited her daughter's grave on Wednesday keeping an earnest declaration to fight for justice on the contrary Pancholi's mother who happens to be the veteran Bollywood actress Zarina Wahab, intensified her rage on the scandal expressing that her son has not committed any offense in regard to Jiah's death.

Guilt can't be kept hidden from the almighty!    

Image Source: Jiah Khan

(AW:Samrat Biswas)   


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