Monday, 18 August 2014

Do Mary Kom Release In Manipur

Do Mary Kom Release In Manipur

Do 'Mary Kom' release in Manipur

Priyanka Chopra upcoming movie Mary Kom which is based on the life of Five time boxing champion Mary Kom. The film cannot be released in Manipur which is the home town of Mary Kom.

There has been ban on the use of Hindi and the screening of Hindi films and TV shows at Manipur when the revolutionary People where fighting for a separate state in September 2000. During the period thousands of video cassettes of Hindi films and many cinema halls have been destroyed and shutdown.

“We are trying very hard for this to happen, but the movies association and underground groups should allow it. It looks difficult but we will speak to the government about the same.’’ said Mary Kom.

Utpal Borpujari, a filmmaker from Assam, says, “In today’s globalised world, such bans have no meaning as everyone can access films through DTH networks and the internet. There’s no point in banning films from a particular language or culture except perhaps scoring some political brownie points for the militant group involved. It will be in the spirit of things if the film, Mary Kom, gets released in Manipur so that Manipuris can see how the story of one of them has been told on a large canvas. And why only Mary Kom, films from any language should be screened wherever there is a market for it. Even if one concedes, for argument’s sake, that Bollywood films are a ‘bad influence’ on Manipuris, does it mean that the rich Manipuri culture is so weak that it can get affected by such films? its best is to let people decide about these things.”

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