Saturday, 23 August 2014

Yash Raj Films Mardaani Banned In Pakistan

Yash Raj films 'Mardaani' banned in Pakistan

Rani Mukherji's Mardaani which was released on August 22 had a good start at the Box Office. Mardaani movie will no longer be released in Pakistan thought the Pakistan's Censor Board give it an A certificate, they have demanded to cut some major scenes and that was not accepted by Yash Raj Films.
Pakistan’s Censor Board have found some scenes objectionable which includes scenes showing human trafficking, teenage girls being auctioned off and some police interrogation sequences.

Ek Tha Tiger was the first movie of Yash Raj film which was banned in Pakistan as it was allegedly featured anti-Pakistan sentiments and Mardaani would be the second Yash Raj film which is not going to be released in Pakistan.

A source stated that “Pakistan’s Censor Board saw the film and gave it an A certificate. Besides that, they also asked for several changes to be made; they asked for around seven cuts and demanded that certain scenes be blurred. The film’s creative team felt that this was robbing the film of its essence. They didn’t want these changes to distort the film’s message and dilute it. As a result, they have not agreed to the cuts and the film will not release in Pakistan."

“Yes, it is the film’s adult content that got in the way. There were too many deletions for any sane person to accept it. So it was rejected for public exhibition,” said Rehmat K Fazli the Pakistani distributor.

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