Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Gangnam Style Fame Psy To Come Up With Gentleman

Gangnam Style fame Psy to come up with 'Gentleman'

Psy has shot to fame with just one song that has taken him to a new height in the internet world, with the record of being the most watched video on the internet, Gangnam Style. The cheesy kind of dance with a funny and yet catchy tune has been lauded by people all over the world. The trend of Gangnam style is down now but that is not the end of Psy. He plans to come out with another equally funny song with yet another unique dance moves in his upcoming single Gentleman.

Though the K-Pop singer refused to reveal further details, the said that the song would be named Gentleman and that the song would be extremely funny. He adds that the dance is popular in South Korea, his homeland, but it would definitely be different and new to the rest of the world. Psy became popular with the invisible horse dance while making a mockery of all the middle class people trying to behave like high class people from the “Gangnam” area.

The song will be released on April 12th and the Koreans would be the first to hear it. On April 13th the song will go public with an open concert to the people. He urged fans to come in white to the concert while posing in a space suit/bridal gown combo himself.

With such hype, it is inconceivable that Psy lives upto the expectations. As Eminem rightly said, “Super stardom is close to post-mortem”.

(AW- Anil)

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