Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Poonam Pandey Will Strip Again

Poonam Pandey will strip again

Poonam Pandey in a recent interview has sparked some interest in the youth again after admitting that she has no inhibitions about going nude again, if that is what her fans want. She shot to fame last year after she stripped for Kolkata Knight Riders after they won the trophy.

She was slightly hesitant if she was KKR's biggest fan but she revealed that her favorite was Shah Rukh Khan, the franchise owner. She said that she will strip for her “Tweethearts” if they want her to. After last time, she has a lot of confidence about her predictions.

She claims herself to be a soothsayer with 100% accuracy predicting which team can win even before the start of the games. However, she said she would not reveal spoilers and keep the enthusiasm in the games intact.  In her words, “Main jis team ko support karti hoon, woh jeetta hai” she said. Whoa, that is the confidence we cannot handle, Poonam ji.

Without any hesitation, Poonam has affirmed that she is willing to strip again. However it was a shock to her parents last year after they saw the pictures on Twitter. As of now she will strip only for entertainment and she is waiting to sign up for a social cause.

The sizzling lascivious lady is busy with Nasha film shooting at present.

(AW- Anil)

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