Monday, 29 April 2013

Sunny Leone Signs Three Film Deal For Rs. 5 Crores

Sunny Leone Signs Three Film Deal for Rs. 5 Crores! 

Sunny Leone Signs Three-Film Deal for Rs. 5 Crores!

Sunny Leone has signed a three-film deal with producer Parag Sanghvi (last film 24/7) for a whopping amount of Rs 5 crore. It is learnt that the adult movie star’s contract with the filmmaker has a clause stating she cannot do any other film till she finishes her three-film deal with Alumbra Entertainment the production house.
Furthermore, that probably also explains why the actress is not taking on any new films post her upcoming Ragini MMS 2 and an item song in Shootout At Wadala. It is being said that the clause has put her in a fix as she is getting several offers but is not being able to consider because of the restriction.
Nevertheless, Sanghvi refuses to agree that he is standing in her way of signing new films, while he said that they share a very cordial relationship and there’s nothing that can’t be sorted out over talks. Moreover, there’s no clause banning her from shooting for any other film till she doesn’t complete her films with them. She knows that if there are any such hurdles, they can mutually work around them. She is a professional and he is sure that she will not let the commitment to one film affect another one. It’s her call completely and that they plan to finish off three films in two years.
Sanghvi, when asked about the remuneration of Rs 5 crore, he shakes his head while he said sorry but he can’t talk about that. The filmmaker is unwilling to reveal anything about his upcoming projects with her as well. He added that it’s too early to reveal any details. They are supposed to start shooting after three months and they are still in finalising stages for the first film which will be on the lines of a thriller which is all he can say at this point.
(AW:Samrat Biswas)


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